Where Are The World’s Best Cities?

Have you ever wondered which are the best cities in the world?

Well, an international media brand- Time Out Magazine, deployed its network of editors from across the world to narrow down its list of the the best cities in the world.

The ranking was created using a global survey on 27,000 city dwellers to rate where they live on a range of markers, including not only traditional assets such as food and culture but the community projects, green space and sustainability projects.

Also, how the cities coped during the Covid-19 pandemic was effective in the determining the list.

According to the Time Out Index, San Francisco is the world’s number one city. The city was applauded for its response to the pandemic, and for boasting one of the highest vaccination rates in the US.

It stated that San Franciscans “showed their unique and creative community spirit, from hanging sourdough starters from telephone poles to distributing $1m to small businesses via the SF New Deal so they could keep running.”

20 World Best Cities

  1. San Francisco, United States of America.
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  3. Manchester, United Kingdom.
  4. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  5. New York, United States of America.
  6. Montreal, Canada.
  7. Prague, Czech Republic.
  8. Tel Aviv, Israel.
  9. Porto, Portugal.
  10. Tokyo, Japan.
  11. Los Angeles, United States of America.
  12. Chicago, United States of America.
  13. London, United Kingdom.
  14. Barcelona, Spain
  15. Melbourne, Australia.
  16. Sydney, Australia
  17. Shanghai, China.
  18. Madrid, Spain.
  19. Mexico City, Mexico.
  20. Hong Kong, China.

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