Which State Is The Poorest State In Nigeria?

The poorest region in Nigeria is mainly the Northern region. Despite having the richest Governors and  the richest man in Africa, Alhaji Aliko Dangote hailing from the North. This indicates that Nigeria’s Northerners are the greatest victims of adverse economic conditions. The poorest state in Nigeria is Sokoto State.

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Sokoto is one of the Nigerian States situated in the North West. The state happens to be in the farthest point of the North West. Unfortunately, Sokoto has been identified as Nigeria’s poorest state year after year particularly as a result of its unfavorable climate. As regards the unfriendliness of this region, its usual temperature stretches up to 45 degrees’ Celsius, making it harder for irrigation projects. Yet despite this, it has about 80 percent of its population practising rural agriculture.

In Sokoto, most of the inhabitants depend on different kinds of agriculture for sustenance. At the same time, the largest portion of the land mass is occupied by rural areas. In accordance with the figures provided by the National Bureau of Statistics, Sokoto State is plagued by 81.2% poverty rate.


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