Who Are The Top 10 Richest Men in Kenya?

Kenya, a country in the sub Saharan Africa is one of the best country in East Africa. Despite being challenged with numerous grafts and deterioration of shame that defines its stagnation due to corruption, lack of employment and numerous downfalls and closures of production industries, the nation is doing well financially.

Presently, Kenya has the largest economy in East Africa with a GDP of US $106.041 billion. There are over 400 billionaires in Kenya today. According to a publication by Business Day Africa, Nairobi hosts over 75% of the wealthiest people who are billionaires in Kenya.

Who are the top 10 richest people in Kenya 2021 according to Forbes Ranking?

  • MOI Family ($3 Billion)- Owner of Standard Group,
  • Manu Chandaria ($1.7 Billion)- CEO Comcraft,
  • The Biwott Family ($1.1 Billion)- Owner of Premier Group of Companies, Barisim Investment, and Yaya Center.
  • Mama Ngina Kenyatta ($1 Billion).
  • Bhimji Depar Shah ($700 Million)- Owner of BIDCO Africa.
  • Naushad Merali ($600 Million)- Founder or Kencell and Sameer Group.
  • Uhuru Kenyatta ($500 Million)- President of Kenya.
  • Chris Kirubi ($400 Million)- Business man, entrepreneur and industrialist.
  • S K Macharia ($365 Million).
  • Atul Shah ($290 Million)- CEO of Nakumatt Holdings Limited.

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