Who is Kola Karim? How Did He Become One of Nigeria’s Youngest Millionnaires?

Kola Karim, 49, is one of Nigeria’s most successful businessmen. He founded and controls Shoreline Group, a conglomerate has tentacles in oil exploration and production, power generation, construction, commodities trading, and telecommunications. His principal asset, Shoreline Natural Resources, is the third largest indigenous oil producer in Nigeria. Shoreline Natural Resources pumps 55,000 barrels of oil per day and holds an estimated 1 billion barrels in crude reserves.

His career goes far back as 1988 when he started work at Guardian Royal Exchange UK as a trainee just after he graduated from City University, London. After he left Guardian, he established Koda Trading Limited, which specialized in shipping. The company was also involved in trading bulk feedstock raw material as well as importation of heavy duty machinery and equipment. He then moved on to work for a top UK organization, H.K Beaumont & Associates as a part of the senior management team. Apart from being the CEO of Shoreline, he has a large group of companies he controls including Costain West Africa where he is Chairman of the Board.

Karim is also a Director of Industrial & Mechanical Services Limited, Davof Technical Services, and Fortis Construction Limited. Since March 2008, he has also been a Director of Nigerian Ropes Plc. He is also a Non-Executive Director of Ecobank Nigeria Plc.
At such a young age, achieving this much is definitely no small feat. There was no shortcut to his success. He climbed the ladder one step at a time until he attained his well-deserved affluence.
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