Who Is Michael Ade Ojo?

Chief Michael Ade-Ojo was born on June 14, 1938 at Ilara-Mokin, a town in Ondo State, Nigeria. He is a Nigerian business magnate and founder of Elizade University in Ilara-Mokin Ondo state, Nigeria. After more than four decades of mingling with the Japanese, Ade-Ojo has earned the rights to Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation in Nigeria. Technology & Business: Toyota Sets Record With $1bn Investment In Ride-Hailing Company, Grab. His lifetime’s work has made Toyota one of the most ubiquitous car brands in Africa’s largest and most populous economy. His net worth is undisclosed but estimated to be around $2 billion. chief micheal ade ojo

His Quotes

I have dealt with the Japanese now for 44 years. And it is only through me that they can mirror Nigeria. Throughout these 44 years, there have not been any promises broken, or monies owed. My word has always been my bond. That is one of the things that I believe has helped my business – integrity

There are countries where Toyota is number three or number four in terms of market share, but when you take it overall, Toyota is number one in the world. They don’t have to be number one in Nigeria. However, they have been number one in Nigeria for 15 years

In those days, government and companies were financing vehicle purchases, but this stopped in 1982 with all the woes that came with economic downturn,” 

Ade-Ojo began selling cars in 1965, five months after earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Nigeria (UNN) in Nsukka, in south-eastern Nigeria. Billionaire Wealth Nigeria: Who Is Prince Albert Esiri?

Awards And Recognitions

  • Marketing Achievement Award from Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan (1990/1992)
  • Best Parts Improvement Award from Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan (1994)
  • Best Motor Dealer of the Year from Right N. Wheeler (1990/1991)
  • Ojo is a recipient of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Distinction Award for Excellence (1987)
  • A Lion of High Achievement Award by the University of Nigeria Alumni Association (1993)
  • Top Award, ACCIMA (1997)

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