Why Do Nigerians Honor Criminals? Convicted Thief, Corrupt Former Governor, James Ibori honored For Developing Ijawland

According to the Guardian Nigeria, A reception has been held in Akugbene Town to honour Chief James Onanefe Ibori with a chieftaincy title for his developmental projects in the community, the Ijaw nation and the entire Delta State during his1999-2007 governorship tenures.

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It can be recalled that  James Onanefe Ibori, former governor of Nigeria’s oil-rich Delta state, was sentenced to thirteen years in jail by a London Judge for stealing government funds in Nigeria. The sentence brings to an end the ex-governor’s long road to jail and earns him the repute of the first Nigerian politician to get a jail sentence abroad for stealing public funds – an act which has become an open pass-time for Nigerian politicians.

Mr Ibori, a serial thief, got sentenced for theft in London. Mr Ibori gets the latest sentence for stealing at least $250 million of public funds within the period he served as governor of the wealthy Delta state.

It is ironic that with all these facts which are not hidden, such a thief could still be celebrated and honoured. Where is Nigeria headed as a nation?

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