World’s Largest Food Company Admits 60% Of Its Products Are Unhealthy

According to a report, a presentation that was circulated among top executives of Nestle this year revealed the company acknowledging that 60% of its food and drink productions do not meet a “recognised definition of health” and that some of its categories and products will never be ‘healthy’ no matter how much the company innovates.

The food giant which has been facing criticism disclosed that only 37% of Nestle’s food and beverages by revenue, excluding products such as pets food and specialised medical nutrition achieve the rating above 3.5 under Australian Health Star, rating systemused in research by many international groups. Nestle describes a 3.5 star threshold as a “recognised definition of health.”

Also, the company is updating its internal nutrition standards known as the Nestle Nutritional Foundation, which was introduced under the former chief executive, Peter Bradeck Letmonthe, who characterized Nestle as a “nutrition, health and wellness company.” It added that the company is working on a wide project to update its nutrition and health strategy and is looking at the entire portfolio to ensure its products meet nutritional needs and supports balanced diet.

Moreover, the sugars and sodium used in its products have reduced significantly in the past two decades, about 14-15 percent in the past 7 years.

Nestlé was ranked highest among the world’s big food and beverage manufacturers in a 2018 index of efforts to encourage better diets compiled by the Access to Nutrition Foundation, though the foundation warned that “all companies need to do much more.”

Nestle is the maker of popular food items such as Maggi noodles, KitKat chocolate and Nescafe.

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