2020 Top 10 Most Progressive Cities In Africa

The foundation for the unwavering progress of Africa starts with determined leadership, peace and unity. The strongest countries in recent decades have been led by strong leaders in befitting positions. Africa’s progress continues with the best, most ambitious leaders leading change in every segment of the continent. The list below takes into consideration several factors including globalization integration, religion influence, economic stability, technological advancements, security, infrastructure, leadership strength, implementation of policies, educational vigor, freedom, recreational facilities and citizenship empowerment.

Top 10 Most Progressive Cities In Africa:

  1. Lusaka – Zambia achieved middle-income country status in 2011 with economic growth averaging over 7% since 2007. Lusaka’s development within the past decade has been even more progressive. Pushing the city up the ranks as one of Africa’s fastest growing and most progressive.
  2. Capetown – One of Africa’s topmost tourist destination, Capetown is South Africa’s most developed city, very popular for tourism and relaxation. Although progress across South Africa as a country is in decline, Capetown remain’s one of Africa’s most progressive cities and most enjoyable destination for tourists.
  3. Kigali – Kigali is the largest, safest and most developed city in Rwanda. Rwanda currently aspires to reach Middle Income Country (MIC) status by 2035. One of the fastest growing, most-stable countries in Africa.
  4. Port Louis – Mauritius is one of Africa’s very few countries that have progressed in status to upper middle-income economy and Port Louis sits atop the growth as the fast-developing, largest city and capital of Mauritius.
  5. Nairobi – Kenya’s economy grew by almost 6% in 2019 mainly due to progressive growth engineered by innovative leaders and entrepreneurs based in Nairobi.
  6. Gaborone – Capital and most progressive city in Botswana. Botswana was once one of Africa’s poorerst countries. Today, it is one of Africa’s richest. Wealth from diamonds and other natural resources has propelled developments especially in Gaborone. Primary education is free for all citizens across Botswana.
  7. Windhoek – Largest and capital city of Namibia has risen up the ranks over the years with notable city and countrywide achievements in poverty reduction, tourism and economic prosperity.
  8. Accra – Accra has witnessed a significant literate population growth from other African countries plus economic growth of at least 6% annually within the past 4 years from revenue outside oil.
  9. Abuja – Although country growth slowed significantly during Nigeria’s recession of 2015, Abuja remains one of Africa’s fastest growing cities.
  10. Marrakech -Although Morocco is growing below its potentials, its 4th largest city, Marrakech, remains one of North Africa’s topmost tourist destinations.

Cities We Hope Will Compete To Make The List In Years Ahead:

  • Kinshasha
  • Lagos
  • Cairo
  • Abidjan
  • Addis Ababa
  • Ibadan
  • Daar Es Salam
  • Abeokuta
  • Dakar
  • Johannesburg
  • Luanda
  • Khartoum

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