3 Reasons Why Covid-19 Has Heavily Affected The Wealthy And Upper Class

Many reports have circulated asking why there’s so much attention given to covid-19 in comparison to other deadly diseases. Smoking, Cancer, HIV and the FLU kill millions of people annually. There has been a lot of attention given to low-death-rate covid-19 due to the global circles it infiltrated. Friend and colleagues of politicians, celebrities and rich business men around the world are being infected aily with covid-19.

Top 3 Reasons Covid-19 Has Significantly Affected The Wealthy:

  • The wealthy are more prone to travelling. Covid-19 spread across the world through air transportation.
  • The wealthy are more prone to vacations. Covid-19 spread across vacation cruise ships, expensive hotels and event centers.
  • Intimate conversations, networking, handshakes and other forms of dealing are necessary lifestyles of the rich yet a cause for the spread of covid-19.

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