4 Steps To Building A Team That Drives Results

Building and maintaining a productive team is, at times, challenging for every leader.  But with the right set of leadership skills, every leader can build a high-performing team that drives results.

Here are 4 things you can do to successfully build engagement within your teams:

Communication – You need to be able to visualize and communicate the goals of the project and the dreams you have for your team. Only then can you engage in a meaningful dialogue with the team to learn about their dreams and establish ‘how’ the TEAM will complete the project’s goals.

Charisma – Enthusiasm is an important emotion that you, as the belt, need to display and demonstrate as you lead your team. Genuine enthusiasm and encouragement can positively influence your team members and improve their engagement.

Organization – Your organizational skills start when you are the first to read the project’s business case and objectives. Organizing your thoughts and potential approach to the project will lead you to the knowledge and skills that your team will need. Once the knowledge and skills have been identified you need to take the time to build your teams. Can you select and organize people in a way that allows their best skills and talent to shine?

Strategic Thinking – Can you strategize what the real vision for the team will be? You need to be able to look to the future and see where everyone will fit and how you will run the project. Predict where you think the DMAIC process will lead you, what your team can achieve and communicate a tactical plan to achieve success. You can and will need to push your team in a positive manner.

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