How Was The 7 Years Somalia-Kenya Border Case Settled In Court In 2021?

The Fate of Somalia and Kenya's Maritime Control is in the Hands of the ICJ

After 7 lengthy years the International Court of Justice ICJ, finally ruled in favour of Somalia, handing the country the full control over a potentially rich area of the indian ocean.

“Kenya should instead see the decision of the court as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship of our two countries and the collaboration of their neighbouring people, Somalia did not choose to be a neighbour with Kenya, but it was the willing of the almighty God so that we are forced to live as peaceful neighbours. Somalia was committed to that forever and welcomes it now:’ said president Abdullahi Mohamed, known as Farmajo.

The decision was well received in the Somalia Capital, Mogadishu.

Before the announcement of the court’s decision, Kenya accused the court of being biased and refused to acknowledge its authority.

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