Agonized Parents Set To Strongly Oppose Compulsory Vaccination Legislation

Medical journalists have been spilling their fears on the reclining actions most parents have been taking towards vaccinating their new-born/toddlers. It is no news that there is a compulsory vaccination push all over the globe where the government has made it extremely important that kids be vaccinated to avoid diseases like polio and measles. Recently all over social media, news has it that there are misconceptions about vaccines therefore contributing to declining vaccination rates and putting vulnerable population at the risk of serious diseases.

Mothers Around The World Speaking Out…

Testimonies dropping are all pointing to the demerits vaccination is bringing on their kids and that is the basic reasons why these parents are backing out on vaccinating their kids. Tamara Kandozo, mother of a vaccine injured child gave her testimony to oppose compulsory vaccination legislation. Also, a mother of triplets complains that her kids became autistic within hours of vaccination. They believe that the adverse conditions of their wards is solely caused by vaccination and they are set to start an opposition movement on this regard.

Medical practitioners are advocating and pleading with these parents. Mohammed Garuba says that “All in all even if vaccination could not 100 percent protect us especially our children from all the diseases but it is still the most reliable form of protection. And even if the vaccinated kids are being infected with diverse diseases, they recover much rapidly compared to the non-vaccinated.”

Will You Say No To Vaccinations?

His point makes sense but I wonder if anybody ever recovers from autism. As vaccination is administered to stimulate an individual’s immune system giving it adaptive immunity against pathogens, if the reverse happens and causes psychological disorders, there might be an urgent need for scientists to revisit this algorithm. The world might be evolving, we can never tell.

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