5 Best Foods To Eat Or Drink For Good Health And Fitness

Did you know that most Kenyan runners eat a vegetables and fruits only diet? It’s simple, what you nourish your body with, determines how strong and competent your body will be. Want good health, less illnesses and strong physical capabilities? Eat the best foods, drink lots of water and exercise well. The following are the best 5 foods to eat that can cure illnesses, give your body instant strength and keep you fit and strong! If you are able to limit your diet to the following foods for over a month or regularly, you will witness clear skin, more energy and weight loss/weight maintenance. Most of the below listed best foods are also allergy-free if eaten organic and boiled or raw depending on the food type.


  1. Oatmeal – fantastic breakfast. Best eaten hot/warm with lots of water and no sugar.

    Best Foods
    Best Foods: Oatmeal
  2. Spinach – Energy-filled food. Enjoy boiled with light natural spices. 
  3. Garlic and Lemon Tea – great tea. Best if brewed with natural garlic and lemon.

    Best Foods
    Best Foods: Garlic and Lemon
  4. Carrots – Perfect snack food. Scrape the outer layer and enjoy raw.
  5. Organic Corn – Another great snack food if organic. Best eaten boiled.



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