Explicit Analytics Q&A Series: Dear Olatorera I Promised Him Coition For A Job. Can I Retract This Promise Now That…?

Question from Laurenife:

Dear Olatorera, a month ago, I was desperately in need of a job. A friend introduced me to a wealthy man. I didn’t want money from him because 1. I knew he would want sex in return and 2. I’m married and if my husband finds out, i’ll be in trouble. All I asked him for was to use his connections to get me employed. He said I had to have sex with him first. I didn’t trust him so I told him he had to get me the job first. It was obvious to me that he was really into me and would meet my demands. Forward to three weeks later, i’m employed in a company one of his mogul friends owns. I have no intentions any more in having sex with him. I’m not into him and I don’t need anything else from him. Will this backfire or can I move on with my life and not fulfill my promise to him? I haven’t picked up his calls since I got the job and I have been avoiding him. Am I a bad person?


Dear Laurenife,

Life is a process of give and take. You should fulfill promises the same way you expect people to fulfill their promises to you. You want to avoid making promises that would get your emotions tangled or put your morals in jeopardy. He took his time to get you a job and now he gets nothing in return; completely has to forfeit what you promised him. Nonetheless, life choices are yours to make. Since you changed your mind, you are married and you have no feelings for this person you are sexually in debt to, I would advice you call him and be explicit. Tell him you appreciate his efforts, let him know you used him to get a job you desperately needed, thank him for the job and let him know he would not be getting any coition moments from you. Once you’ve had that talk with him, you should feel better about moving on. This will also help you to not burn the bridge and avoid him pulling strings to get you fired.


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