Best Workout Apps For Getting Fit

When it comes to exercise equipment, the most valuable piece of gear might be right in your pocket. There are a lot of apps devoted to all kinds of workouts but using the best can take your fitness to the next level, allowing you to exercise when it is convenient for you and track your progress.

Many workout apps offer expert guidance and support, personalized to your health and fitness goals so you can work and achieve them from the comfort of your home. These apps are free or offer a trial period before so you can test them out before you commit to see if that kind of exercise is for you.

Here are 10 apps to check out:


Aaptiv is a great workout app for variety and flexibility, with personalized workouts for every fitness goal. You can access live and pre-recorded audio and video training from experts, and take part in strength training, stretching, meditation, treadmill, elliptical, indoor cycling, yoga, and outdoor running.


8Fit is a workout and meal-planner app that streams live classes every Monday and has a bank of pre-recorded workouts to follow. You need little-to-no equipment for workouts, although a yoga mat might come in handy to support your body during yoga and Pilates routines. As well as whole-body workouts, the app offers nutrition tips and personalized weekly meal plans full of healthy recipes.

Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness+ is the best for Apple Watch users to experience the full benefits of this workout and fitness tracking app. New workout routines are added every week in a range of formats, including live classes, pre-recorded videos and written workouts. Access expert fitness training in dance, running, strength training, yoga and more, and track your progress on your watch and on the app.

Nike Training Workout App

Nike Training Club offers more than 180 routines and additional content from top trainers and some of the athletes you love. Nike Training Club offers more than 180 routines and additional content from top trainers and some of the athletes you love.


This app offers yoga classes and guided meditations that you can do anytime, anywhere. Answer three simple questions, and the app will come back with some options to really personalize your practice. There are more than 4,000 yoga workouts on-demand on the app, so you’ll never run out of options, and you can even download your favorites to make them easily accessible.


Tracks and records your activity, as well as offering local run information to help you find great running routes near you. The app is free to download but offers in-app purchases for live tracking, audio coaching, and personalized training plans.


Fitbod workouts are designed to target all the muscle groups, through strength training, cardio, and stretching. What makes this app unique is its training algorithm that uses your past workout data to improve your current and future workouts and keep you motivated. Workouts are displayed through images and texts, rather than videos or audio.

7 Minute Workout

The 7 Minute Workout is ideal if you only have a few minutes to exercise. The animated guides offer high-intensity circuit training, to give you a super cardio session in a short period of time. You don’t need any equipment, so can fit these workouts in any time, anywhere. Great for beginners.

Adidas Running by Runtastic

The community features in the Adidas Running by Runtastic app will give you the motivation to lace up and get out the door. Audio feedback from a voice coach will make sure you’re on the right track, and its live tracking and cheering allow you to get that much-needed push from your friends to finish strong.


Sworkit gives users custom no-equipment training plans, complete with guided videos for each workout. Sworkit tailors straightforward, effective workout plans to three different fitness goals. There are 6-week plans for beginners, intermediate, and advanced exercisers, and users can also connect with personal trainers to ask questions and get expert advice. It also offers a unique library of kid-friendly workout options, so you can make exercising a family thing.

Olatorera Consultancy

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