Does Driving an Electric Car Save You Money?

There are so many questions about the latest automotive technology. How long do electric cars last? Do the electric cars provide good mileage? Do electric vehicles actually save us money? Do electric vehicles contribute to making the environment greener?

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Will an electric car provide good mileage?

When it comes to cost per mile, an electric car engine outperforms a gasoline engine. A typical EV can travel 100 miles on a single charge of 30 kilowatt-hours. That works out to around 35 miles per $1, depending on local electricity pricing. The average cost of gasoline is 18 miles per $1. The final figures are determined by local electricity and gasoline prices.

How Long does an Electric Car Last?

If you drive 12,000 miles per year on average, your electric vehicle should last around 17 years. The majority of electric vehicles are designed to travel 200,00 miles. Mileage, on the other hand, varies based on how and where you drive.

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Do Electric Cars Actually Save You Money?

Reduced maintenance and cheaper fuel costs are two obvious benefits that come with having an electric automobile. However, right now, Electric vehicles are around £10,000 more expensive to buy than petrol-engined cars. There are some other factors to consider like:

  1. Availability of charging stations
  2. Cost of Electric Vehicle battery replacement

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