Final Judgement Opinion Series: Is New British Duchess Meghan Markle Justified For Halting All Communications With Her Markle Family?

In May 2018, Meghan Markle, a former American Actress from Los Angeles, married Prince Harry and officially became a member of the British Royal Family. Meghan Markle’s dad, Thomas Markle Sr, underwent heart surgery within a week to the wedding and thus was completely absent at the royal wedding. According to Thomas Markle Sr, he has never met his daughter’s husband and neither his daughter or her husband have spoken to him since the royal wedding. Meghan Markle’s step siblings, Samantha Markle Grant and Thomas Markle Jr were both not invited to the royal wedding. Both, similar to their father, have had no communication with the new British Duchess since her wedding to Prince Harry.

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Is Meghan Markle Justified For Halting All Communications With Her Markle Family?

Let’s start with pure facts before a final judgement opinion conclusion.

  • Thomas Markle Sr underwent life threatening heart surgery. Most would expect Meghan and Harry to fly in to see her father. Meghan has not seen her father since at least a year before her marriage.
  • Meghan is a newly wed. Not just any newly wed, she is thrown upwards into a royal family. She needs time to settle into her new position.
  • Additionally, Meghan is pregnant. Pregnancy can be tough for many women. Who wants to look good every day while pregnant? who wants to be bombarded with phone calls and messages while pregnant?
  • Meghan claims she was never close to her Markle family. Her sister is at least 17 years older than she is. If there’s any argument to how close they may have been, the closeness may very well have deteriorated over time. For instance, Samantha Markle Grant noted in an interview that prior to the royal wedding, she had not seeing Meghan for over 10 years. This shows that Meghan had moved on network and career-wise much before her royal wedding.

In conclusion, it may seem unfair that Meghan would abandon her entire Markle family as soon as she sealed the deal with her new family, the Royals. Nonetheless, Meghan is an adult entitled to her decisions, her ambitions, her goals and her life. The Markle family need to move on without Meghan, she has moved on. At the right time, she may open up again but for now, Meghan is entitled to the peace and distance she desires.

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