General List: Top 3 Great African Leaders Of 2018

African presidents and politicians are not the only ones making great changes across the continent. There are several African leaders who are continuously transforming the lives of the African people through their various works and organizations and inspiring others to do the same, proving that one does not need to first acquire some high profile political role before making notable changes in any area no matter how small. These inspiring leaders among who are activists, professors, health workers etc, have earned global recognition through their dedication to effect change across the continent, changing the face of Africa in different areas, so much so that they have each gained a spot among Forbes’ greatest leaders of this year. Here are the top 3 African leaders who are considered among the greatest in the world today:

Leymah Gbowee
  1. Leymah Gbowee is a Liberian peace activist and the founder of Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa, an organization that provides leadership and education opportunities across the continent. Over the years she has been more focused in the rural areas, where few educational opportunities exist. Her organization supports young girls and women with college scholarships. In 2011, Leymah Gbowe won the Nobel Peace Prize for her commitment to leading a women’s peace movement that assisted in ending the Second Liberian Civil War. She encouraged women to not take part in violent protests through her “Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace” movement, which later promoted peace in the region.

    Professor Kelly Chibale
  2. Professor Kelly Chibale is a Zambian-born chemist recognized for his work as the founder and director of Africa’s first integrated drug discovery centre at the University of Cape Town (UCT) South Africa. The centre also known as H3D was established in 2011 with the mission to alleviate malaria and Tuberculosis. His ultimate goal is to create drugs that will defeat the resistance developing over earlier generations of drugs with the hope to see Africa further contribute to medical research beyond just offering opportunities for clinical trials.

    Angela Nyambura Gichaga
  3. Angela Nyambura Gichaga has been at the forefront of health service delivery in her home country Kenya. She has worked as a clinician and administrator within the Ministry of Health in different areas including the city, rural and other remote areas. She joined the Financing Alliance for Health in 2017, an organization set up in 2016, to assist in advancing nearly 700,000 community health workers required in sub-Saharan Africa to bridge the gap in health coverage with the goal of saving an estimated number of 300,000 lives a year, and also helping African countries fund community health programmes.


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