Health Industry: … But Do Not Smoke It! Top 3 Reasons You Should Avoid Legalized Cannabis ‘Weed’ ‘Marijuana’

In 2018, the plant-based drug Cannabis also known street-wise as Marijuana or Weed became legal to consume in a regulated manner, across many states in the United State of America and Canada. Within 24 hours of becoming legal in Canada in October 2018, the legal availability was reportedly practically sold out. We understand the analytics behind the benefits of legalizing marijuana. As strong advocates of pro-choice, de-regulation and pro-freedom, we support legalizing cannabis. It is legal, great. But do we really want you getting hooked on it? No. The following are the top 3 reasons why you should not smoke legalized cannabis:



  1. It is addictive; among other side effects. Put your health first. Except you absolutely must and have no choice, as indicated by a trusted doctor,  to opt-in for the medicinal marijuana.
  2. 10 years from now you’d most probably wish you never did it- especially recreational marijuana; just like many cigarette smokers today.
  3. It will become a very expensive habit – very well helping you to contribute to the economy – The foremost reason why it was legalized in the first place; and you just may never stop, hindering your ambitions and growth and loosing a lot of money overtime.



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