Leadership: People, Politics, Profits & Power – Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru Speech On Arise News TV

Our discussion point today is Leadership Achievements in Africa. Our People, Our Power, Our Profits and Our Politics.

Nelson Mandela. Muammar Gaddafi. MLK. The best of leaders have been historic and inspirational, imperfect visionaries, doers and achievers, positively impacting many millions of lives for generations ahead. The systems of power built yesterday form the basis of the model of leadership that will change tomorrow. The model of meritocracy, humanity and accountability will almost always lead to sustainable developments, higher standards of living and a system of achievements.

The model of kleptocracy and apathetic leadership will almost always lead to chaos, untimely deaths and incompetent followership. We all think, look, act and visualize differently and we are all sitting on different hierarchical seats at any given point in time but what unites us is leadership that instills peace on earth today and peace of mind for tomorrow. No human is more deserving than the other. Of peace, opportunities, respect, freedom, unity and prosperity. Leadership is heartful, delicate, powerful, humane and progressive. Leadership is passionate, results-driven and ethical.

A nation of citizens who sit up, communicate up and achieve up, will attain the change and progress desired. Currencies are man made. Hardships are man induced. Freedom is man protected. The theme at this year’s G20 gathering of world leaders is: One Earth, One Family, One Future’. How close are we to achieving One Nigeria and eventually One Africa? Are we ready to have a permanent seat at the biggest global development tables?

During the show, Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru interviewed special guests Omoyele Sowore and Chris Nwaokobia. Both Presidential Candidates in previous elections in Nigeria.
Leadership: Profits & Politics Full Video on YouTube. Arise News Channel.

Concluding Message on Leadership:

The strongest force of genuine progressive leadership is a complete migration from self-serving to selfless servanthood of people, profits, politics and power. Every Nigerian deserves. Every African deserves. Every human deserves. A good life of natural abundance, equality, inclusion, peace, happiness and love. Meritocratic leadership and greater humanity are two keys to a better world today. Our world needs a much stronger dosage of progressive leadership, healthy followership and intrinsic happiness. I am Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru.

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