Lobbying 101: 3 Facts That Would Make You An Effective Professional Lobbyists Everyone Wants To Hire

According to the business dictionary, Lobbying is the act of attempting to influence business and government leaders to create legislation or conduct an activity that will help a particular organization. People who do lobbying are called lobbyists. In the non-monetary, good-will realm of lobbying, Kim Kardashian acted as a successful lobbyist when she convinced The President of The United States, Donald Trump, to release inmate Alice Johnson. Professionally, lobbying requires similar tactics and influential strength. The following are 3 facts that would make any one with the passion for lobbying, an effective professional lobbyist.


1. Know that Lobbying is very legal and if you are serious about creating a profession out of lobbying, you can very well earn over $100,000 annually.

2. Strategize Sharply. You must be a brilliant strategist. You must be able to predict future outcomes and then strategize to tweak those potential outcomes into the single outcome you desire. You may need to lobby several people before arriving at a breakthrough point.

3. Know you clients. You must have clients who require your services as a lobbyist. Many people are in fortunate positions of wealth and power put aren’t comfortable with playing the game of politics. They need people like you. Approaching the wrong clients will cause your lobbying efforts to falter. Approaching the right clients will grow your lobbying efforts.

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