Intimate Partner Violence Facts By Princess Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru Arise TV Perspectives

Today’s topic is intimate partner violence or domestic abuse.

Main Message with Mentions of Historical Intimate Partner Violence Cases:

First comes love. Then intimacy. Abuse. Violence. Toxic Hatred. Then homicide. From dream husband to hell man. From trophy wife to scorned woman. The terror that many spouses, especially women, have lived in and continue to live in today, are inhumanely unspeakable. From being burnt alive to being tied up in a room for days without food, water or human contact. Many domestic violence cases end in murder and 50% of women deaths worldwide are caused by domestic violence.

We remember 8 months pregnant “mama goodluck” in Enugu who was beaten to death by her husband for not providing dinner. Desire Parnell, shot in the head by her ex boyfriend. Gabby Petito, strangled to death by her fiance. Abimbola Ogbonna, burnt to death after a violent altercation with her husband. Alaba Bakare, murdered by his wife with a hot iron on his chest. And the one I’ll never forget. Pregnant Cherica Adams, murdered to death by her famous footballer boyfriend who didn’t want a child. The miracle child survived.

Over 85% of domestic violence cases are perpetrated by men. Why? Well, the availability, or lack, of money, has been the root to many evils. And the lack of quality education on social and life skills, poor mental health and a family history of violence are significant contributing factors. Domestic violence takes on several forms prior to becoming toxic. Emotional abuse. Mental abuse. Financial abuse. Sexual abuse. Physical abuse. We must all resist every form of abuse from the onset or it will get increasingly worse over time.

The fear of financial insecurity, the fear of a decreased standard of living and the fear of uncertainty about childrens’ future, causes many domestically abused victims to remain despite heavy warning signs. Is your partner extremely jealous, in possession of a firearm, abusing substances such as drugs and alcohol, has a history of violence, depressed or mentally unstable? If you said yes to any of the mentioned factors, you may need to run fast and far. Go into hiding. Seek external help.

Concluding Message with Advise on Avoiding Intimate Partner Violence:

Pure love and romance is such a beautiful thing that every human being deserves to experience continuously but when it becomes abusive, PLEASE run! Protect your heart, your life and your dependents. There are 7 billion people in our world today and lots of opportunities for you to live your best life. Avoid being stuck on any person, opportunity, job or home to the point where it becomes toxic. Push your dreams smartly and you will overcome every challenge.

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