Perspectives On Setting Boundaries In Ex Relationships By Princess Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru On Arise News

Today’s topic is Boundaries. What happens when an ex is hell bent on crossing boundaries?

Setting Boundaries With Exes Main Message on Perspectives Arise TV:

Relationships end. Whether we like it or not. And people move on. Some to greener pastures. And some to red spaces of regret, remorse or revenge. Most relationships, especially of an intimate nature, can be intensely comfortable or addictive. From shares dreams, to shared finances to shared homes to shared intimacy. When such relationships end, how do we set boundaries that will be respected? It’s more difficult to set boundaries when the relationship ended abruptly and an ex was not prepared for the sudden separation. It is much worse when a person is completely ghosted. Blocked from phone contact while you relocate to a new address and completely move on. Exes in these situations find it difficult to respect boundaries. Some discover your new location and become stalkers, renting or purchasing next door properties. Some even install illegal surveillance to monitor your every move.

There’s the ex that would tip your driver to give him information on your whereabouts. There’s the ex that would get a new sim every other day just to text you sweet love notes as you keep on blocking. There’s the ex that would print “Kemi, one last time” on a public billboard. There’s the ex that would throw a lavish party and invite everyone you know except you and all footage would be all over social media. Then there are those that would kidnap the kids and turn them against you. Or the ex that would date you parent. And then the one that would beg for one last chance only to induce a pregnancy just to have a lifetime bond with you. Crossing boundaries cuts across every facet of life, not just intimate relationships, but also partnerships and friendships. An ex in life, of any type of ship, can become scorned and dangerous especially when they had become addicted to you and if boundaries were not well set.

Setting Boundaries In Relationships Concluding Message on Perspectives Arise TV:

Pure love and romance is such a beautiful thing that every human being deserves to experience continuously but sometimes, breakups are very necessary. Don’t let your emotions run high and cause you to be that scorned ex. Keep yourself cool, calm and collected and move on to the next. There are 7 billion people in the world and lots of opportunities for you to push your dreams higher at any point in time. The key to a better world is humanity. Our world needs a much stronger dosage of healthy love, care and compassion.

Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru and Ruth Osime, Co-Hosts of Perspectives Show on Arise TV Global

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