Perspectives On Marital Infidelity By Princess Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru On Arise News TV

On today’s show, we would explore the rise of Female Infidelity.

Truth is, the healthiest of relationships are void of cheating. They are consumed with happiness, fondness, memories, laughter, pleasure, future plans and special entanglements. These relationships require two mutually whole individuals who prioritize themselves individually and collectively with great self-care, comfort and financial wellness for the long-term duration of the relationship. But as with everything in life, let’s face it, only about 10%, or less, of the world’s population enjoy the healthiest level of relationships that have little to no availability for infidelity. When most people get married, promises of fidelity are made and these promises are expected to be kept but, human attraction to multiple humans is natural and infidelity is cultural.

Now let’s face it, for majority of the world’s population, marriage is a gamble. A woman can gain 50 kilograms and change significantly after marriage. A man can lose his entire networth, become violent and change complicatedly after marriage. Even when family bond remains a priority, intoxicating romance, for many, may also be a priority.

Historically, female extramarital affairs were condemned with severe punishments such as naked whipping, public humiliation, banishment, amputation, financial penalties and death.

Religiously, infidelity is considered a sin, and would likely remain so until the notion of heaven vs hell ceases to exist.

Outside of religion, marital infidelity is mostly perceived as betrayal filled with lies, secrets, deception and loss of love. Infidelity is not a man or woman sin, infidelity is human desires, human preferences, and human reality at any point in time. What needs to change is human reactions to infidelity in cases where fidelity is not humanly feasible.

Concluding Remarks on marital Infidelity:

As the world rises up with more knowledge and wisdom, so does decisions of pre-nups, healthy fidelity and healthy infidelity. Sexual pleasure is a human right to every living thing and so is the ability to mate, date, copulate and alter decisions. Freedom of human nature and greater humanity are two keys to a better world today. Our world needs a much stronger dosage of healthy love, respect and happiness.

Guests Stephanie Kadiri and Joseph Edgar (Duke of Shomolu) joined the discussion with Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru and Ruth Osime.
Hosts of Perspectives Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru and Ruth Osime

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