Perspectives On The Events Planning Industry In Nigeria By Princess Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru On Arise News

On today’s show, we would discuss the Events Planning Industry.

Events are a big deal. The planning. The details. The merriment. From Concerts to fashion shows to weddings. From guestlists to dress code to decorations to edibles. Events occur frequently and require meticulous planning thus the great rise of the events planning industry. Valued today at well over a trillion Naira, the industry has magnified many professions including photography, catering, dj-ing, make-up artistry and cake designing. With hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs succeeding in the space, it has become a rising industry with great potentials as a significant contributor to Nigeria’s GDP.

Events such as The Calabar Festival, Kano’s Durbar Festival, The Experience, the annual month-long “December in Nigeria”, and several fashion weeks, contribute to the industry’s foundational potentials to attract tourists from every region across the world. But there are very essential national priorities affecting development of the sector. Most important priorities include world-class airports, world-class roads, safe and affordable transportation options, attractive accommodation options and overall, smarter, well connected cities enjoyable by residents and tourists.

Events play a major role in every country, unifying stakeholders, celebrating milestones, marketing products and developing ideas for innovation and progress. Appreciation of Nigerian music, innovation of Nigerian food and marketing of made in Nigeria products all take place at well planned events. The events planning industry has come a long way and will continue to rise with great leadership and a strong focus on developments.

Concluding Speech On The Events Planning Industry:

More power to the events management industry as we look forward to more enjoyable events, forging past economic setbacks and ensuring a pleasant time for every attendee. Unifying celebrations and greater humanity are two keys to a better world today. Our world needs a much stronger dosage of healthy celebrations, love and happiness.

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