Politics In Nigeria: Top 3 Priorities Of The Atiku/Obi Presidential Candidacy For Nigeria In 2019

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In the race towards the fast approaching 2019 General elections in Nigeria, the People’s Democratic Party’s candidate for presidency Atiku Abubakar and his running mate Peter Obi are gradually intensifying their bid and have disclosed the top priorities in the list of issues they are prepared to tackle in Nigeria if they are successful in the election. According to Peter Obi, since the APC took over the government they have left the country lacking in many areas which have led to increased poverty, division, more accrued debt and a general collapse. He exclaimed how the APC came to campaign in 2015 with a bundle of lies and presently, instead of the ruling party telling Nigerians if they had been able to fulfil their promises, they were spinning more lies.

Concerned about how to restore the country to where it used to be before the massive economic recession blast, Mr Obi listed top 3 major issues which the Atiku/Obi presidency will prioritize if elected:

  1. Security: Mr Obi stressed that the issue of security was most critical and the Atiku presidency would do everything possible to restore security to the country.
  2. National Unity:  In explaining the issue of national unity Mr Obi stated that; “The country is so divided that you can’t imagine it, along tribal lines, religious lines between Muslims and Christians; an Atiku presidency will unite the country. Everybody knows that Atiku has friends in every part of the country, even in his own personal team, his friends are from everywhere.”
  3. Education and Job Creation: According to Mr Obi, “This year alone, between January and September, over four million people lost their jobs. Every minute, six Nigerians are being pushed into poverty. Go to the market now, there is no demand. People don’t have money to do anything.” He also emphasized the primacy of education in national development and said the country under Atiku’s watch would pay special attention to the sector. In his words, “Atiku presidency will deal with the issue of education, which is the most critical investment any nation can do. The more educated the people are, the better the development of the society. “Atiku as a person built a primary school, a secondary school, a university and he was not doing them for money. If he was doing them for money, he had the opportunity to build them in Abuja or Lagos, while he was the vice president. That’s when he built those schools, but he built them in Adamawa.”


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