Religious Scam: Over 4,000 People Sign Different Petitions To Ban Pastor Funke Felix- Adejumo From Going Abroad

4,761 people and counting are trying to stop the Rev. Adejumo from defrauding residents of U.K, U.S, and E.U.

This petition was started by Mayowa Olaiya on in order to stop her from “coming to the UK to defraud the people and the country.”

funke felix adejumo
funke felix adejumo

In Mayowa’s words: Funke Felix Adejumo is one of a group of Nigerian religious Charlatans who regularly visit the UK to defraud the people and the country. They ask people to sow seeds for miracles and breakthrough and flee from the country with the funds without paying tax. They go from Churches to churches; this is a religious cabal network.”

Mrs Adejumo, a famous Nigerian preacher was seen in a viral video, calling out members to sow a seed of $1000 dollars each,” she says before promising “another level of clean money and surprise wealth. She also made mention of how she wants to own a private jet soon. This makes us wonder if Religion is now a scam.

The U.S petition was started by Daniel Audu who wrote: “We are determined to stop the extortion and money laundering going on in the united states by fraudulent Nigerian Pastor Rev Funke Felix Adejumo.

“She hides under the pretence of being a woman of God and extort money from gullible unsuspecting members in different Nigerian churches across the United States. We have reason to believe this woman is laundering money from the United States through the pretence of a church. This is an illegal money laundry channel and we need to regulate or stop this extortion.”So far, over 745 people have signed the petition which is seeking 1000 signatures.

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