Speech on Tourism By Princess Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru Live On Perspectives Arise TV

On today’s show, we will discuss Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation plus the huge impact on National Development and Economic Growth.

The Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation sector is one of the largest globally, with over 1 billion people travelling internationally per annum, the sector contributes over 5% to global GDP. In Africa, consumer spending within the sector is projected to exceed 250 Billion Dollars by year 2030. Tourism is nicknamed the Sunrise sector because of the happiness, calmness, richness and high potentials of the sector especially within sunny Africa, home to a large and vibrant populace and highly coveted natural monuments. Recognizing the high potentials of tourism for the continent, through good leadership, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is rapidly becoming a foremost regional travel hub in Sub-Sahara Africa and Cairo, Egypt remains a leading travel hub in Northern Africa.

We are also seeing impressive growth in Kigali, Rwanda, Nairobi, Kenya and Casablanca, Morocco with each country boasting functional National Airlines transporting tourists to notable destinations globally. Increased tourism development across the continent is critical to intra-Africa trade, wealth creation, employment opportunities, increased standards of living and stronger global positioning. In Nigeria, our entrepreneurs, artists, investors and patriots have contributed largely to tourism development although some of their efforts have been marred by inefficient public leadership and instability caused by financial insecurity. From Resorts to amusement parks, beach clubs, malls and cinemas, we want the industry to maintain high standards.

Tourism and Good Government

Good leadership in 2023 is crucial to Nigeria’s excellence. Businesses and individuals must rise collectively. Please pickup your PVCs and vote who you truly believe is healthiest and most capable of leading us forward. Not who you think will favor you personally, is of the same tribe as you, has earned it, is your in-law’s neighbor’s godfather, or is a mogul of corruption. Tourism is one of Nigeria’s highest potential sectors, we want to see real growth the next four years and beyond. We need good leadership nationwide.

Concluding Remarks on Tourism

For your next international tour of world class relaxation and great hospitality, I’m happy to recommend Abuja in Nigeria, Capetown in South Africa, Mahe Island in Seychelles, Marrakesh in Morocco and Port Louis in Mauritius. The key to Africa’s future is Africa. Think collectively, vote collective progress and we will live in unity, peace and progress.

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