What Happened To?!: The Fall Of 3 The World’s Top Smartphone Giants

It was not too long ago when the innovation of smartphone transformed the digital phase of the entire world. Today, majority of people in the world practically carry out most of their daily activities through their smartphones such as basic communication and networking, banking and business transactions, learning and educational activities and so much more. Some of these smartphone makers broke the world with their inventions when they first emerged. These brands were once the king of the smartphone/ electronics industry and best sellers. They commanded high market share at a certain time before brands like Samsung and Apple took over. However, the reign of these brands was shortlived and some have practically become non-existent today. Ironically these brands which were once considered a ‘must-have’ fall into today’s category of ‘must-not-have’. Here are the 3 smartphone giants which have now collapsed:Related image

  1.  BlackBerry: No one would have ever believed that this giant smartphone brand of yesterday would have crumbled so fast. Blackberry changed the mobile phone market when it launched its first smartphone series. However, it is not just struggling, but also practically non-existent today. Related image
  2. HTC: No one really knew this but HTC is the ancestor of all smartphones in the world. It was the first maker of the Android phone in the world with its HTC dream in 2008, the first company to launch a dual camera smartphone, first to launch a Windows smartphone, first to launch a full metal body smartphone, and some more. However, this first of many could not survive the rise of the new competition.Image result for sony smartphones
  3. SONY:  The long-standing Japanese tech empire has now become a shadow in today’s’ tech industry as it continues to be pushed to the back of the line. The company continues to manage through its acquisition of Columbia Pictures, the SONY PlayStation 4 (PS4) and of its other acquisitions which are still bringing income for the company. However, the same can’t be said of its smartphones.


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