Top 3 Leading Banks In Nigeria

The key Indicators of the strengths of a bank do not just lie in its ability to store and manage its customers’ money, but also in its international reckoning, profitability, shareholders funds, total assets, earnings and customer deposits. Based on these criteria and also in maintaining their strengths, the following banks have been ranked among the top 3, out of the 24 banks in Nigeria:

  1. Zenith Bank Nigeria: It has a global ranking as the 293rd out of the world’s first 1000 banks, with a profit of 59 billion before tax, 3 billion shareholders Funds and a total asset of 14 trillion and gross Earnings of  N4 billion. The roundup of its customer deposits is N27 trillion.
  2. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB): The customer-friendly bank has a global ranking of 415th out of the world’s first 1000 banks, a profit before Tax of 09 billion and 35 billion shareholders funds. Its total Assets is 1 trillion, gross earnings 242 billion and total customer deposits up to 44 trillion.
  3. First Bank of Nigeria: It is Nigeria’s oldest bank which has an estimated customers deposit of  2.57 trillion. Its gross earnings is up to 44 billion, and total assets 25 trillion. Its total shareholders’ funds is 71 billion, Profit Before Tax 85 billion and is ranked globally as the 424th biggest bank in the world.


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