Top 3 Most Common Mentalities Among Nigerians That Breed Poverty

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It is not out of the ordinary for people to be sometimes passive towards certain situations, but passiveness becomes a toxic behaviour that eats into the lives of people when it is done habitually. It is said that the thin line between the rich and the poor is the mindset.

Many would agree that luck is something that is afforded to everybody, and opportunities vary and are sometimes not afforded to everyone on the same level, which many use as an excuse for their poverty situation. However, we see way too many instances of the less privileged given many opportunities to rise from their situation but end up remaining where they are. Many Nigerians who are less privileged are often more comfortable with letting a well to do relative cater for their needs for the rest of their lives than asking for the tools to help them also become wealthy and successful. The question is why?

This is where the mindset comes into play. A poverty mentality is one where people in such situations get so comfortable that no matter the opportunities made available for them they prefer to remain poor than to put in the work to rise from their poverty. This is one thing that has infected many Nigerians and is stunting their growth. The people who moved from being “poor” to becoming “millionaires” in their lifetime are mostly those who changed their perspective in the cause of their struggle.  As human beings, we all know that we have the abilities to beat the odds when we set our minds to achieving something. Most of the time all we need to do is to change our mindset and with that, we gain the confidence to surpass the challenges that come with the journey to success.

It is not just enough to want to do something, the act of actually doing the thing is what makes us one step closer to achieving it. It is easy for anyone to say they want to be rich, however, what steps are they willing to take to attain such wealth? This article lists the top 3 most common mentalities that breed poverty, based the general behaviour exhibited by many Nigerians in such situation:

  1. The “I can’t afford it” Mentality: This is a very common way of thinking for many people living on limited resources. This mindset blocks the part of the brain that helps one generate other alternatives to solve problems. When the mind is fixed on that notion it becomes very difficult to see any other way one can actually take to device the means to acquire something. Instead of saying “I can’t afford it” what  one should be saying is “how can I afford it.” Asking that question takes you one step closer to discovering the means to do so.
  2. The “I will do it later” Mentality: We all know that procrastination, though an inevitable thing is also a very bad behaviour. Once you begin to procrastinate something you push your success one step farther away. Rather than doing it tomorrow why not do it today if there is nothing stopping you? The more you procrastinate, the farther you get from acquiring that wealth you have been hoping for.
  3. The “It doesn’t work” Mentality: Just because an approach did not work for someone else doesn’t mean it will also not work for you. Too many people often settle for this mindset once they have seen something fail for one or two people without even trying themselves. Once the mind is fixated on that thought, it is more likely that even if you try to approach that business or thing yourself it will fail because you are not thinking the right way, you are only thinking towards it failing which it will. We are often asked to keep an open mind towards many situations but most people don’t actually appreciate its true meaning or even understand why it is so important. When you approach a situation with a mindset to win, the chances of success become a little bit higher. The most important factor to attaining success is the willingness to take risks. Failure is not a bad thing if you look at it as a challenge and not a predicament. If at first you don’t succeed try even harder.



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