Top 3 Most Important Reasons Why You Should Never Be A Terrorist, Murderer Or Rapist

There are crimes people unfortunately commit in a passion-wrecked rage. These crimes are crimes you should never commit regardless. The criminals here include the murderer(s), the accomplices and any other human being that witnessed or aided or failed to prevent the crime. Crimes are bad and murders, rapes and terrorism are wickedly wrong and should never be committed for the following important reasons:

  1. Think about the people left behind. You may hate your victim but do you hate everyone that loves and needs him/her? When victims are hurt or worse, dead, it leaves an insanely wicked loss and pain in the heart and lives of people that depended on them. Imagine innocent children without their father or mother. Imagine the case of Cherica Adams who was pregnant for boyfriend popular footballer Rae Caruth. He murdered her and his unborn child was delivered disabled. This innocent child with very unfortunate circumstances, grew up without a mother. If Rae Carruth had controlled his dispassionate rage, Cherica Adams would have been alive to raise her child to greatness. That child could have been a pride and blessing to Carruth but he ended up disabled (bless his Grandma who has raised him strongly, after losing her dear daughter) and Carruth ended up in jail, a complete failure. If the crime was averted/prevented, a community of people would not have suffered decades of pain hurt, economic turmoil and emotional downturns.
  2. Think about your life. Do you want to end up in jail or executed? The terrorist underwear bomber, Mutallab, although he didn’t kill anyone, ended up in jail for life. He came from a wealthy home and could’ve on the flip side, enjoyed a comfortable life, good food, beautiful girlfriends and all the entertainment he wants but he his locked up in the horrid conditions and mental torture of the four walls of prison. Nemesis and as yorubas say, Kadara, will catch up to all evil deeds. If not immediately after the crime, it will be sometime before you die or after-life.
  3. Would you rather go low or go high? When you control your mind, you go high. Anger, bitterness and similar emotions are very temporary if you learn to control your mind. Move away, move on. You lost money, your manhood, your womanhood, your dignity, your respect, your desires, your heart…. take a deep breathe and get it back.  Pyschologists have proven that some humans are mentally lost and thus cant control their crimes, don’t let this theory be your sentencing, you can do better, much better. Care for people and never care to see people hurt. Let her no be her no. Let his no be his no.


The above is applicable to every human from all walks of life. From the princes in Saudi Arabia who send others to commit murders (Rest in peace, Jamal Khashoggi) to the gangs in India (Rest in peace Jyoti Singh Pandey), to the cities, states and countries affected by terrorism and slavery worldwide. From politicians to Wall Street. From Donald Trump to MS13 Gangs. From the poorest immigrant to the richest trillionaire. All walks of life.



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