Top 3 Positive Impacts Of E-Commerce Business In Africa’s Economy

Africa as the world’s second largest and most populated continent is continuously experiencing a digital revolution. It has become a major attraction for many new businesses, and the extent to which this evolution has advanced can also be measured through the continuous influx of both African and foreign entrepreneurs and investors on the continent, with their technological innovations, one of which is the growing e-commerce business. E-commerce has become well adopted in many businesses in Africa. E-commerce businesses and platforms such as Jumia, Konga, Dressmeoutlet, Uber, Payporte, MallforAfrica and so many other prominent e-commerce competitors, have managed to positively impact the African economy in many notable ways despite the constant challenges they face. Below are top 3 positive impacts of the e-commerce business in Africa’s economy:

  1. It has succeeded in connecting global brands with the continent’s emerging consumers
  2. It continually works  as a conduit for customers to thousands of global retailers
  3. It has played a major role in the digital revolution in Africa.

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