Top 3 Quotes From Mo Ibrahim, One Of Africa’s Most Notable Business Moguls

Founder and former Chief Executive of Celtel Africa, Mo Ibrahim is one of Africa’s most prominent billionaires and philanthropists. After selling Celtel in 2005. He founded the Mo Ibrahim Foundation in 2006, an organization that has supported and funded many bright Africans. As a business leader, he dedicated his retirement to fighting corruption and increasing good governance in Sudan and across Africa. Mo Ibrahim is on Olatorera Consultancy’s 2019 List of Africa’s Best Leaders. View the list here: OCL 100 2019.

Top 3 Greatest Quotes From Mo Ibrahim:

  1. Women in Africa are really the pillar of the society, are the most productive segment of society, actually. Women do kids. Women do cooking. Women doing everything. And yet, their position in society is totally unacceptable. And the way African men treat African women is total unacceptable.
  2. I came to the conclusion that unless you are ruled properly, you cannot move forward. Everything else is second. Everything.
  3. There is a crisis of leadership and governance in Africa, and we must face it.

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