Top 3 Reasons Millions Of Africans Are Being Deported Back Home

The United States Government on the 20th of June 2018, deported 34 Nigerians for various offences. The deportees, comprising 32 males and two females, arrived at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos at about 2.30pm aboard a chartered Omni Air International aircraft with Registration Number: W342AX.  The German Government also announced the deportation of over 30000 Nigerians and 1,500 Gambians. These are few of many examples of various Africans who have been deported from different countries.

As of 2018, some of the most obvious reasons Africans are usually deported from developed countries include not having the right to live in the country or having crossed the border illegally or otherwise entered illegally, or stayed beyond the departure date required by the individual’s visa. Olatorera Consultancy has collated the top 3 major reason millions of Africans are being deported back home most especially from the United States.

  • Failure to obey the terms of your visa or maintain one’s status

If you are in the U.S. as a nonimmigrant (most likely with a visa), various conditions apply to your stay. For example, if you’re a tourist, you’re not allowed to work. If you fail to abide by these conditions and maintain your non-immigrant status, you become deportable.

  • Violation of immigration law

Someone who violates the immigration laws by, for example, participating in a fraudulent marriage or helping smuggle other aliens into the United States, or commited a midemenor or felony, may be found deportable.

  • Racism

Racism is an exacerbating factor contributing to the deportation of many Africans. In 2017, Israel deported roughly 40,000 migrants, many of them claiming the need for political asylum, predominantly from Sudan and Eritrea.  Israel continues to deport thousands of Africans despite the fact that Israel is similarly categorized with other developed countries, and increasingly requires hundreds of thousands of workers from other parts of the world who are willing to take the low-paid menial jobs that Israelis won’t do. Israel currently has 8.7 million citizens and – not including Palestinians – around 200,000 foreign migrants, legal and illegal. Africans constitute only 20 percent of foreign migrants in Israel. Yet Israel spent over $400 million dollars deporting Africans between 2017 and 2018.



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