Top 5 Biggest Lies And Scandals Of Political Leader Dino Melaye Of Nigeria

Dino Melaye is a controversial Nigerian politician and Senator representing Kogi West Senatorial district under the PDP platform. Senator Melaye is very popular for his many scandalous activities and acclamations since he became a Senator in Nigeria.  Here are 5 of the most controversial events and scandals instigated by the Nigerian Senator:

  1. His most recent, shocking tactic to escape prosecution, involving his alleged kidnap by unknown gunmen after which he resurfaced after 11 hours of his purported kidnap. Meanwhile, sources close to him revealed that the Senator was in fact never kidnapped and staged the whole scenario in a bid to once again evade his trial at a magistrate court in Abuja.
  2. His failed attempt to jump out of a moving police vehicle transporting him to a high court in Abuja and where he was being charged for an alleged gunrunning which he has continuously denied any involvement.
  3. His denial of a recording of him offering bribe to a judge, Akon Ikpeme, who handled the petition brought against the lawmaker’s election in 2015, which was subsequently dismissed by the same judge on grounds of incurable defects.
  4. His false qualifications scandal which involved his claims of graduating from Ahmadu Bello University with a B.A degree in Geography but quickly became a matter of conflict due to the inconsistencies in his academic documents and records. The Harvard University and London School of Economics also debunked his claims of earning a degree certificate from both schools, with Harvard specifically stating that the Senator only participated in a workshop at the university and never earned a degree from there, and London School of Economics stating that no existing records show he ever obtained a degree from the university.
  5. His threat to assault and beat up Senator Remi Tinubu on the Senate floor in July 2016, during a closed-door session of the Senate.

The Senator does not relent in his scandal-filled ways as he continues to stir up the media with lies, controversial videos, statements and activities. We continue to wonder what scandalous move the Senator will make next.


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