Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Believe The Verbal Meghan Markle Sextape Scandal

A discussion video went viral in March 2019 with certain hollywood insiders discussing sextapes. Through the course of the conversation, a hollywood sextapes expert claimed he had seen a sextape of Meghan Markle engaged in oral anal sex with a photographer. According to the expert, he was sure it was Meghan in the tape and in the tape, she was heard saying she would be getting married to a prince soon. The discussion also centered around Kim Kardashian’s sex tape and how it was orchestrated from the get go, to make Kim famous.

Top 3 Reasons You Should Not Believe The Verbal Tales Of A Meghan Markle Sextape Until You See it:

  • Many today will do anything for fame; including telling horrific lies. Rarely believe anything you hear. Insist on actual evidence.
  • The expert noted the video was shot when Meghan was in her mid 30s and set to be married. We believe at that age, most successful people know the importance of not recording such public-provoking, sexually vile videos.
  • Jealously is a real venom that bites unsuccessful people very hard that they’ll do anything to bring down the person they are jealous of. Don’t join jealous people to bring down an unassuming soul. Never believe comments from jealous people without proof. We also shouldn’t call them jealous until we can disprove. Thus if no proof, no one should be talking about it. Only believe who you trust, what you know, what you can see and what you can hear.

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