Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Wait Till After Marriage Before Copulation

Marriage is a great union of 2 individuals with a common desire to live life together forever. Marriage is even greater when sexual intercourse starts after the marriage is officiated; if both parties have been brutally honest through the dating phase. Many times, spouses keep secrets from each other. The truth behind secrets can make or break a marriage and thus should ideally be discovered before marriage. Sexual secrets can be discovered before marriage if sex before marriage occurs.

3 Reasons Why You May Want To Have Sex Before Marriage:

  1. There is a huge increasing number of plastic surgeries with permanent side effects in modern times. Sex/gender changes, botched bodies, implants, injections and other surgical procedures covered up with clothes or make-up. Sex before marriage enables each spouse to have a full view and a full experience before a lifetime commitment.
  2. You don’t want to leave any points unchecked on your marital checklist. Many couples consider doing a joint sexual health test prior to their first copulation experience. Safe sex is the best sex. Sex is rarely safe after marriage.
  3. Copulation makes the dating phase a lot more enjoyable, intimate and passionate.

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