Top 3 Truths That Can Eliminate Rapists From Your Community

Rape is a well known word experienced by many adults yet a word that is rarely discussed except when picked up by the media. In 2019 Nigeria, a childhood rape case went viral. A wife of a musician, now in her mid 30s, publicized an interview where she spoke to the media about how she was sadly raped by a pastor she trusted when she was a teenager. Many condemned the pastor online, some held physical protests, many even wept for the woman who told her story 20 years after the fact. The pastor denied all allegations. Many criticized the storyteller for seeking fame. Many criticized the pastor for multiple allegations of rape.

What must be said is, how can we prevent rape in future. Rape is a horrific, animalistic act that must be halted by all means. The above story is one case. There are hundreds of thousands more cases that have been proven with evidence and not just alleged stories. Many of these cases entail horrific outcomes such as infectious diseases, violence, unwanted pregnancies and even death. Children as young as newborns are getting wickedly raped. No one at any age deserves to suffer rape. Rape should be outlawed as much as possible in every community. Rape should not have a gender or age. The fight against rape is a fight with and for and from all.

Top 3 Truths That Can Protect All Against Rape:

  • Teach all your children, male and female, the same facts. Avoid giving your male child more rights to misbehave sexually. If you allow a male child to start having sex at age 13, you should allow the same for your female child. If you preach abstinence till age 18, preach it to all genders. If you tell your female child to not go out at night, tell your male child the same. Do not oblige your male children to freely commit crimes while you shield your female children. Shield them both. In other words, strengthen and protect all children equally and smartly, to the best of your ability. Everyone should, as a foremost priority, grow as human rather than as male or female. If you believe girls should not have sex until marriage, believe the same for boys.
  • Protect children from predators. Not just your own children but as many children within your community you’re blessed to help. Watch out for predators and minimize their capabilities legally. Ask questions to children often. Every adult should be a listening ear and a watchful eyes to many young ones. No child should be left alone until they are well educated young adults. Make sure there is a parent, teacher, nanny or other very trusted adult with children at all times.
  • Constantly educate children until they are old enough to be considered independent. Continue to educate children on every topic necessary, including sex and pregnancy, until they have all the knowledge needed to transition into smart young adults that are able to enjoy and have sex freely and smartly. To properly educate children overtime, you must also seek to continuously increase and strengthen your knowledge.

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