Top 5 Cities With The Worst Traffic Congestion In The World 2018

Based on a global research carried out by an organization known as Numbeo,  some cities around the world have emerged as having the worst traffic congestion traffic in the world in recent times. The ranking is based on a combination of factors including the average time spent on the road by a commuter taking a one-way trip.

Dhaka, Bangladesh topped the list as the city with the worse traffic congestion after records showed that an average traveller in Dhaka spends about 63.94 minutes on a one-way road trip. Take a look at the rest of the cities on the list of top 5 cities with the worst traffic in the world and the estimated time their residents spend in road traffic:

  1. Dhaka, Bangladesh- 63.94 minutes
  2. Kolkata, India- 62.80 minutes
  3. Sharjah, United-Arab Emirate- 57.00 minutes
  4. Delhi, India- 56.69 minutes
  5. Mumbai, India- 58.22 minute

It may surprise many residents of Lagos, Nigeria to know that Lagos which is notoriously known for having a series of deadlock traffic that sometimes linger for several hours, did not make this list. Perhaps a re-analysis of this research ought to be carried out. However, is said to be the most recent and accurate but one cannot really say except through physical experience of the traffic situation outside their own residence.


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