Top 5 E-commerce Firms In Nigeria

1. – maintains a leadership position despite being significantly far from profitability. Jumia has garnered sufficient international investments to help propel growth for at least the current year of operations. We hope they can maintain their industry leadership.
2. – The merger with has helped Konga maintain its #2 spot despite facing significant challenges in the market
3. – carved a niche by focusing on 2 product categories that are always in demand in Nigeria – fashion and beauty. Also notable, the company dispatches rapidly, has one of the best customer service and lowest rate of package returns in the industry.’s mobile app is downloadable on both Android and IOS. ships globally.
4. – has stood the test of time as the strongest travel website in Nigeria since it launched in 2008.
5. – Founded by a former Jumia executive, Supermart delivers FOOD, a product category that people need and want. Supermart is progressing well in the ecommerce industry in nigeria

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