Top 5 Nigerian Activists Of 2021

Activists campaign to bring about necessary political or social change. The high poverty, insecurity and corruption levels in Nigeria has brought about millions of Activists in the country. Social media has been utilized Resultfully as a tool for activism. The #EndSARS campaign of 2020 and the #revolutionnow campaign that began a couple years prior, were magnified through social media.

The top 5 Activists in Nigeria have fought hard and continue to persevere, despite severe hardships from opposition camps. Their goal is to instill progressive leadership in the country and liberate citizens from untimely death and other issues caused by bad leadership.

Top 5 Nigerian Activists Of 2021:

  1. Omoyele Sowore of #revolutionnow and #endsars
  2. Aisha Yesufu of #bringbackourgirls and #endsars
  3. Reno Omokri of #harassbuharioutoflondon and #endsars
  4. DJ Switch of #endsars
  5. Rinu Oduala of #endsars

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