Top 3 Reasons Paul Kagame of Rwanda Qualifies As One Of Africa’s Best

We like Paul Kagame. Many people do. The Obamas do. Over 70% of his people do. The 60 year old foremost leader of Rwanda, seems to love his people very much, too, as evident in the developments the country has witnessed the past 2 decades. Although he has been a foremost leader in Rwanda for way too long, over 25 years and counting (although it may be understandable if he is there to ensure the hard-fought progress would not be diminished if he leaves power), and he has been said to torment and even kill those that oppose his leadership, from journalists to Rwanda’s former intelligence chief Patrick Karegeya, who fled Rwanda after an altercation with Kagame and was later assassinated in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Kagame, on the flip side, gets a pass for some of his notable, development-focused achievements over the years. Paul Kagame has increased Rwanda’s visibility in global affairs and has made his country suitable for international investments. He is also bringing rise to intra-Africa trade as he continues to ensure facilities that encourage trade with other African nations. Top 5 reasons we support Paul Kagame and would be glad to nominate him as one of Africa’s Best in the 2019 OCL List of Africa’s Best Leaders:

  1. He presided over the closing down of over 700 churches in his country. He is minimizing religious segregation, division, manipulation and economic handcuff while maximizing innovation and poverty alleviation. “Seven hundred churches in Kigali? Are these boreholes that give people water? Do we even have as many factories? This has been a mess!”” President Paul Kagame asked upon hearing over 700 churches had been closed down in Rwanda.
  2. His country’s love for him is evident – he won the 2010 elections winning 93% of the vote. Nonetheless, it is time for Rwanda to produce a new leader to continue with the baton Kagame has built. Kagame is not the only citizen with potentials to lead Rwanda to more greatness.
  3. Under his leadership, his economy is growing at approximately 8% annually. This is evident in Rwanda’s airport in Kigali growing into one of the best in Africa. Rwandair has also risen to one of the most notable airlines in Africa. Kagame also supports women leadership as a significant percentage of his cabinet are female. Kagame is also at the forefront of reforming the African Union for growth.


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