Top 5 Restaurants In Lagos Nigeria | Ranking By Taste, Customer Service & Ambiance

There is nobody that doesn’t love to eat, of course, some more than others but food sometimes becomes more enjoyable when it is done away from home in a place that makes you feel like you are on vacation in another country when you are probably just a few minutes away from home. What’s a more better way to relax and blow off steam, taking a few minutes or hours to forget all about a hectic job or growing responsibilities, than to eat your favourite meal or perhaps a great new cuisine at a nice and relaxing place with good service? Food is usually more subjective than objective as we know, what may taste amazing to someone might taste absolutely unpleasant to another. However, based on a general ranking by taste, customer services, and ambiance, has put together a list of top 5 restaurants in Lagos for both people visiting and residents of the state to enjoy a pleasant meal:

  1. Talindo SteakHouse, Victoria Island is known for serving the best variety of steak within the state. If you are a meat lover Talindo Steakhouse is definitely for you.Related image
  2. RSVP Victoria Island is an exquisite and classy place that serves great intercontinental dishes. Related image
  3. Ocean Basket, Victoria Island is the hub for all the seafood lovers out there.Related image
  4. Terra Kulture, Victoria Island is a great place with that African feel. One could say it is home away from home.Image result for terra kulture lagos
  5. Hard Rock Cafe, Victoria Island is a little bit of America in Nigeria that serves mouth-watering burgers and other delicious American food. Related image

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