Top 5 Unpleasant Nicknames Employees Have Given Genius Inventor Elon Musk Of Tesla Cars

South Africa born Elon Musk has been in the news lately for his unique and hardened leadership style. Current and former employees of his company, Tesla, have accused Elon Musk of having little respect for people. Great things have also been said about the technology founder but more related to his brain. Elon Musk has been called a genius inventor. On the flip side of his genius brain, is a character that has been heavily criticized recently by people employed at his company. A former management colleague of Elon Musk said “Everyone in Tesla is in an abusive relationship with Elon.”

Top 5 Nicknames for Technology Guru Elon Musk:

  • The Iron Man
  • The Idiot Bitter
  • Elongated Muskrat
  • SpaceX Cowboy
  • The Say-Anything CEO


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