Who Is Sholaye Jeremi? Top 3 Reasons Why He Did Not Marry Linda Ikeji Despite Intense Baby Mama Pressures

Oil Industry Player, Sholaye Jeremi is most popularly known as “Linda Ikeji’s Baby Daddy”. A title he would do anything to keep private. In December 2018, Blogger Linda Ikeji publicly revealed very private details about her now-defunct relationship with Sholaye Jeremi. Popular Read: Who Is Linda Ikeji? Where Is Her Wealth From

According to Linda Ikeji, when she met Sholaye in 2015, he lived in a 3 bedroom apartment in middle class Lagos. It seems Sholaye rose up the financial ranks through the course of his relationship with the blogger. Today, Sholaye Jeremi is an associate to billionaires living in upper class Ikoyi, Lagos. Sholaye Jeremi is said to have generated some wealth from oil deals in Nigeria.

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Sholaye Jeremi, First on Left, Pictured with 2 of Nigeria’s Richest Men, Femi Otedola and Aliko Dangote.

Top 3 Reasons Sholaye Jeremi Did Not Marry Linda Ikeji:

  • The marital pressure from Linda Ikeji to Sholaye Jeremi was overly excessive. Her parents and family members additionally pressured him after she got pregnant. At some point, they had started planning a traditional marriage.
  • He wants a very private life. The public outburst and media outcries (such as posts like this) that emerged after Linda Ikeji got pregnant, were worlds away from his preferences. Being in the spotlight would make a private man like Sholaye Jeremi completely resent whoever shattered his privacy.
  • Not every one is cut out for marriage. Some men want only sex and money. Regardless of what he wanted, one thing is for sure, Sholaye Jeremi simply has no marital plans or Linda Ikeji was not the one for him.


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