Top Courier Services in Nigeria

Due to the nonexistent service of The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) at a time in Nigeria, individuals and corporate organizations embraced the digital age in delivering services to its citizens. Some of the allegations made against NIPOST include missing parcels, staff carelessness, delay in delivery and extortion.

It was this gap that investors saw and responded by setting up top courier companies to operate within Nigeria and internationally. Also, because of internet, buying and selling has increased massively. Competition for delivery companies in Nigeria is on the rise. The logistics space in Nigeria is being disrupted by technology.

Although some of these companies are efficient in terms of customer service and delivery, others have failed to live up to its bidding. Some of the companies that have stood out asides DHL, FedEx and UPS in terms of delivery, custom service and cost effectiveness include:


Sendbox offers local and international deliveries for personal and business use. It also has a business platform that allows users to create a free online store (like flutterwave) to sell products and receive payments. For items sold using the Sendbox for Business platform, it charges 2.5% of the total value of every product sold on the platform.

Moreover, the platform offers marketing services for online store at an affordable rate. Delivery fee is based on the route and weight of package.

GIG Logistics

GIG is a popular delivery and courier company offering most logistics services. GIG has a presence in almost every Nigerian city. It has a presence in almost every Nigerian city which makes it easy to ship an item using this firm, as you can visit its office in your city to ship your package to a different Nigerian city

Kobo 360

Kobo360 is a leading logistics platform that operates in Africa. The company’s seamless platform allows anyone to simply request for a truck and have their goods picked up, and delivered to the requested location.

Tranex Delivery Company

One of the indigenous delivery companies in Nigeria, Tranex has been offering domestic and international shipping since 1984.Tranex is currently one of the only two Logistic Companies in Nigeria quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The company’s fleet of motorcycles, delivery vans, buses and trucks ensure seamless delivery of clients’ consignments.

AB Logistics

AB logistics is one of the cheapest Nigerian delivery company on this list. They claim to offer cheap delivery of packages from door to door. At affordable rates, starting from as low as 800 Naira per light package. You can use this courier to send documents, parcels, invitations, etc.

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