Where are the top 3 fascinating tourist attractions in Africa located?

Africa as we’ve known for quite some time is popular for its renowned destinations with amazing tourist attraction spewed all over Eastern and Western Africa. Also not neglecting the special feeling that engulfs individuals that have visited destinations located in Northern and Southern Africa. This is outside the fact that places like this are quite ancient, holds apt historical values, very rich and culture and heritage and still looks amazing in itself.

The top 3 fascinating tourist attractions are stated below:

  • THE PYRAMIDS OF GIZA AND THE GREAT SPHNIX are located in Egypt. Of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, only one still exists — the pyramids of Giza. (Lists of the Seven Wonders vary, with some including all the pyramids and others only the Great Pyramid.) The Great Pyramid, Egypt’s largest, is an astonishing structure completed more than 4,500 years ago. The Great Sphnix also stands tall right before the pyramids and has stood the test of time of being lasting tourist attractions to visitors from beyond the seas and yonder.
  • THE VICTORIA FALLS is located in between the nations of Zambia and Zimbabwe, on the Southern axis of Africa. It is one of the major natural wonders in Africa. The Victoria Falls is literally the largest waterfalls in the world. Her recognition comes from combining the height and width together to create the largest single sheet of flowing water.
  • MASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE is located in Kenya. It is known as the Africa’s greatest wildlife reserve. The reserve is home to Africa’s lions, zebras, numerous wildlife and of course, the Mara people. It was originally established in 1961 as a wildlife sanctuary and ever since then has been fulfilling its purpose as one of Africa’s greatest tourist sites.

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