Who is Chief Samuel Adedoyin? His Success Story

Chief Samuel Adedoyin is a Nigerian billionaire entrepreneur and industrialist. He is the founder of Doyin Group, made up of agricultural, pharmaceutical and manufacturing businesses owned and managed by the Adedoyin family.

His parents moved to Agbamu, a Kwara State village while he was still young and he lived most of his early life there.
Chief Samuel was from a polygamous family, and he had his primary education at the Saint Paul Primary School, Agbamu.

His parents divorced when he was young, and his father was unable to continue his study. He eventually settled in Lagos and attempted to stowaway to England when he was 12 years old.
He was detained in Ghana and was scheduled to go to jail, but he was fortunate in that the Indian immigration official who apprehended him opted to be compassionate. Samuel eventually offered to be the Indian man’s servant, which he gladly accepted. He did not do well and was sent out after ten days, moving in with another family in Kumasi.

With just one pound and 20 shillings payoff in his pocket, Chief Samuel went into trading in Kumasi, selling padlocks, door hinges, nails and other small household items.

He kept going until he started selling umbrellas, and he would collect on credit to pay the Indian merchant at the end of the day.
He was tempted to take his client’s money when he forgot to come for it one day.
After he returned it, the man was so impressed by his honesty that he hired him as a dealer. This meant that buyers would come directly to him, and he would profit handsomely.
He became wealthy quickly and, at the age of 18, purchased his first piece of property with a Volkswagen automobile.
His success continued, and he finally relocated to England, where he advanced his career and became one of the country’s most powerful businessmen.

Samuel Adedoyin is the founder of the Doyin group. He is estimated to be net worth above $540 million.

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