Who Is Nasiru Danu? Did He Independently Finance The 2021 $50-Per-Person Pro-Buhari Protest In New York?

Nasiru Halandu Danu is a Nigerian politician and chief member of the ruling All Progressives Congress Party. Nasiru Danu is also Founder and Chairman of multiple companies including Casiva Listed and HND Limited.

In 2019, Casiva was listed among the 15 companies awarded contracts for the exchange of crude oil for imported petroleum products by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC. Danu has had dealings wwithin the Construction, Real Estate and Oil and Gas industries in Nigeria over two decades.

An indigene of Jigawa State, he is based in Abuja with business interests across Northern Nigeria inclusive of Kano and Kaduna States. He travels often nationwide and internationally.

How Is Nasiru Danu Linked To The $50 Per Person Protest?

In a viral video that captured activities of a Pro-Buhari “One Nigeria” protest that held in September 2021 in New York, the recorder can be heard making the following statements:

“They hired them for $50 per hour and gave them clothes. As you can see, they are doing the transaction inside that place… The ‘One Nigeria group’ is giving clothes to these people inside that place. You can see that most of these people are not Nigerians, they were hired. Nigeria is a terrorist country, the government of Nigeria is killing people. The Nigerian government is a wicked government. It is tyrannical.”

How Is Nasiru Danu Linked?

According to minimal evidence from Sahara Reporters, a source implicated Nasiru Danu in the pay-to-protest scheme that was listed on New York’s Craigslist by someone named Olukemi Ogundare.


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